Sunday, September 10, 2006

Little Children

What makes a movie appealing? Is it the actors? The images? The soundtrack? The story? I think it's a combination of all of these. Story is probably primary, but I have seen some films that lack any direction whatsoever and they still hold some merrit to me.

I just saw two very interesting films, Night of the Hunter and The Asphalt Jungle. I'd say "Hunter" probably falls in the category of having a severely flawed story, but the main character was completely amazing and the cinematography was brilliant. Asphalt Jungle was really amazing too. The film was made in 1950 but it plays like French New Wave cinema. Neon lights everywhere and raw, uninhibited on-location cinematography. I've always been a big fan of film noir and I highly recommend checking these two films out.

Here's what led me to write this post. I just saw the trailer for the new film Little Children. I have no idea whether the film is going to be any good, but the trailer is an amazing piece of editing, images and soundtrack. Very inspiring and worth watching multiple times.

I think good trailers are ones that don't just show funny clips or sexy images or big explosions. They tell a story on their own, captivate and excite. Yeah, I do hate watching trailers, but they do have some merritt in that the good ones tell you how to communicate quickly and effectively.

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